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" It is obvious that the masseur knew what she's doing and that is very important. Overall, I'm satisfied and happy with the service provided. You have given me a time of relaxation and peace of mind. Thank you Ms Jo for making my stress go away, I am surprise that even though Tim BodyCare therapists promised to have my shoulder and hands stress reduced in 5 mins, it took just less than 3 mins! "


talk by Agnes Low, PA to Senior Management Operation, HSBC




" Hit the right spots, and always check out if the massage was at the right level. Very careful. Should I have other departments/ events/ meetings/ friends who'd like to experience satisfying massage service, I will let them know about Tim BodyCare."


talk by C Sew In, Head Department of HSS



" I truly enjoyed your massage services, you have given me a time to relax and peace of mind, keeping my head clear for better performance. It is also convenient and comfortable for us that you came over to our place to serve "


talk by Jehangir Tamkasiwala, Head of HR, HSBC



Testimonials from CITIGOLD Sales Team - CITIBANK


talk The pressure point were accurate

talk Therapist explained caringly of the proble & how to prevent

talk It really relieves my stress & muscle aches

talk Despite being a 10 minutes massage, it really made a difference.

talk Should do this more often for CITIBANKERS. It is special reward from CITIGOLD Marketing



Testimonials from EDS

talk Its really comfortable. The service was professional

talk The therapists are friendly, gentle and caring

talk It leaves me feel less stiffness on the shoulder and able to relax movements for the neck

talk I trully enjoyed your massage services, you have helped me to release stress

talk Massuers are thoughtful and always smilling. Give proper handling of massage

talk There was no pain involved and that is what I expect from a good massuer

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